How Content Teams Are Using AI To Improve Creativity & Productivity
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How Content Teams Are Using AI To Improve Creativity & Productivity

In this episode, we dive into the exciting world of AI tools and generative AI, focusing on how they’re changing the content creation game for ecommerce businesses. Our guest expert is experienced media & strategy consultant James Carson.

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We’re joined by highly experienced content and media strategist, James Carson. James was previously MD at History Hit and has led content and digital marketing teams for large publishers like The Telegraph.

We chat about how technology is democratising and revolutionising everything from product descriptions to video and animation, making life easier and more efficient for content teams.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows; we also tackle some of the big concerns that ecommerce teams need to keep an eye on. From ensuring the authenticity of AI-generated content to maintaining the human touch in editing and approval flows.

Tune in for a lively discussion that balances the incredible benefits of AI with the potential pitfalls, giving you a well-rounded look at the future of ecommerce.

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Discussion guide

  • What trends are you seeing right now with the use of AI in content production?
  • Do you think content teams can survive without adopting AI?
  • What are the risks of falling behind with tech?
  • How can content teams use AI to help with ideation and creative concept work?
  • How can humans get the best results from AI – what skills should we be adding to drive good outputs?
  • There’s a lot of chat about the potential harm AI can do if unchecked: what risks do you envisage for content teams?
  • What guardrails should be put in place to ensure AI generated content doesn’t have a negative impact e.g. off brand
  • Let’s do some future gazing: what does an ecommerce content team look like in an AI-driven future, what roles, what skills and what has been replaced by automation? 

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