Using Maverick To Deliver AI Video Personalisation for Ecommerce
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Using Maverick To Deliver AI Video Personalisation for Ecommerce

In this ecommerce podcast, we interview the co-founders of ecommerce AI video personalisation platform Maverick, Debarshi Chaudhuri and Eitan Winer, about how and why retailers are using personalised videos to improve customer engagement and retention.

If you want to see how Maverick works, check out the demo video and request your own free personalised video sample.

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Personalisation covers a wide range of ecommerce use cases, most often it’s discussed in the context of product personalisation, that is refining the products shown to shoppers on websites and via digital marketing channels like email based on their user profile, what they’ve previously bought and browsed. Increasingly, ecommerce teams are looking for ways to provider deeper personalisation of the shopping experience to reward customers and encourage greater loyalty, in other words improve retention rates.

In this ecommerce podcast, we explore how Maverick is helping ecommerce retailers get results by delivering personalised video at scale using its AI platform. Maverick enables retailers to record a single customer video, then personalise based on name, and distribute to its customers via email marketing. Maverick also plans to roll-out its tech to additional distribution channels like SMS and WhatsApp, and enhance the elements in the video its customers can personalise e.g. which product they bought.

Listen to co-founders Debarshi and Eitan explain why they launched the platform, how retailers are using it and where they see AI-driven personalisation in ecommerce headed.

Tl;dr – what we cover:

  • The business case for investment in AI personalised video
  • The technology stack enabling Maverick to deliver this at scale
  • Where AI and deep tech is headed for ecommerce

Key Discussion Points

  1. Introductions and scene setting for what Maverick is & what market demand you satisfy
  2. What’s the background of the founders & why did you decide to go into business?
  3. What are the key trends around personalised videos in ecommerce?
  4. Your primary focus is on AI personalised video via email; can you clarify what this is, as AI has many applications
  5. What’s the tech stack and how does the tech scale – to what level has the platform been tested so far, as in peak volumes?
  6. Is this all done within your platform or can an ecommerce business get up and running with their existing email marketing platform for campaign distribution e.g. Dotdigital, Mailchimp?
  7. What other delivery methods do you have in the pipeline, for example I know you’ve mentioned SMS is in the works?
  8. How do you ensure high performance for video streaming on landing pages (e.g. for mobile and slower connections) and what is the user journey from click to video
  9. Please talk us through some of the use cases and case studies: how have Clients used your solution, what campaigns are they running & what impact is it having on customer experience/satisfaction?
  10. You talk about personalised video boosting LTV: what evidence have you seen with existing Clients to substantiate this claim?
  11. Apart from extending the product into SMS & embedding content, what else is in your roadmap and why?
  12. What’s your perspective on the role of AI and deep tech in ecommerce businesses: where is this heading, what should ecommerce teams be thinking about?

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