What Does Best-in-Class Omnichannel Customer Experience Look Like?
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What Does Best-in-Class Omnichannel Customer Experience Look Like?

Delivering a consistently high omnichannel customer experience is a challenge for many organisations. Although retail has taken a battering through the COVID pandemic, omnichannel has remained as important as ever to ecommerce; for example Curbside Pickup US grew by more than 300% in the US during 2020.

Why is omnichannel CX important?

Omnichannel customer experience can directly impact your bottom line; omnichannel customers on average spend much more than single channel customers. According to Bloomreach, 9 out of 10 consumers want an omnichannel experience with seamless service between communication methods. As the number of touchpoints is increasing, so is the need for a seamless integration from one touchpoint to another. Whether it’s a social ad, an email newsletter, a mobile push notification, a conversion with your chatbot or a face-to-face chat with your store staff, customer expectations needs to be met. By breaking down the walls between the channels in a business, the consumer is empowered to interact with a company in a way that feels natural to them. 

That’s the theory but how does it play out in practice? What drives results? What do customers really want? Are there common issues omnichannel businesses need to understand?

Listen to the experts

For our 79th episode, we’re talking to two highly experienced omnichannel ecommerce directors who have a wealth of practical learning from a wide range of leading brands including Aspinal, Ugg, LK Bennett and Crew Clothing. David Williams, Director at DHW Digital, and Graham Broomfield, Chief Omnichannel Officer at Neve Jewels Group, share insights on a wide range of topics including people, process and technology.

You can listen to this episode in the embedded player above or on the platforms below.

Key discussion points

  • What are the biggest shopper frustrations with businesses that sell across multiple offline and online channels & what causes them?
  • How do you get retail and non-digital teams on board – how do you remove conflict and get them behind ecommerce?
  • Returns can kill margin – what are the challenges with handling returns & what does best in class look like?
  • What metrics should you use to measure omnichannel performance and how do you use this data to improve?
  • What have you learned from the last 12 months in terms of how businesses can adapt to make better use of tech to deliver customer service?
  • The industry gets over excited by new things like Bluetooth beacons, AR etc. – what is the role of this type of tech, what businesses does it suit?
  • If you could share a top tip to give ecommerce teams to improve their omnichannel commerce capabilities, what would it be?


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