Building Out Scalable Ecommerce BI & Reporting
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Building Out Scalable Ecommerce BI & Reporting

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About this episode

In our 86th episode, Candice Ren from 173tech joined us to talk about building out BI functions and business reporting systems for brand teams. In this episode we talk about when this is needed, the people required to build out this function, some of the benefits of building out bespoke solutions and much more.

Key discussion points

Some of the key discussion points from this episode, include:

  • Discussion around Candice’s previous role as Head of Analytics of Bumble
  • What BI platforms and data warehouses are and the role they play in a business
  • Triggers for brands starting to think about building their own data warehouse or putting a BI platform
  • Team members that would usually own this type of project
  • The pros and cons of going down the bespoke route vs some of the off the shelf solutions – e.g. Glew, Databox or Daasity
  • The biggest mistakes you see when people are essentially looking to create a master for data / reporting
  • Where you find friction when working across different teams
  • The right starting point and where the need for external input is
  • The suggested team required for a ~£20m brand looking to build a robust data / BI function
  • How the requirements differ for subscription businesses
  • Examples of technology stacks

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