Driving Checkout Conversion With Parrot’s SMS Payment Solution
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Driving Checkout Conversion With Parrot’s SMS Payment Solution

In this ecommerce podcast, James interviewed Osa Gaius, founder and CEO at Parrot, an innovative SMS payment solution designed to speed up mobile checkouts to improve retail ecommerce conversion rates.

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Episode summary

SMS marketing has seen strong growth in the past few years, as marketers look for differentiation given how crowded email inboxes are. At the same time, shoppers are looking for simple ways to pay online to speed up checkouts and make life easier when shopping on mobile devices and SMS as a payment method is relatively new and not widely adopted (yet).

In this ecommerce podcast, James interviews Osa Gaius, Founder and CEO at innovative SMS payment specialist Parrot. Parrot is an end-to-end payment solution that leverages SMS to drive easy checkout and a higher frequency of recurring purchases. Listen to Osa explain Parrot’s SMS solution, how it benefits ecommerce teams, how it integrates with their existing tech stack and the commercial model and impact.

Tl;dr – what we cover:

  • What is Parrot’s SMS solution?
  • How does it benefit ecommerce teams?
  • How does it integrate with their existing tech stack?
  • What’s the commercial model and impact?

Key Discussion Points

  1. What is Parrot: is it a stand-alone checkout for retailers or does it integrate with existing ecommerce platform checkouts?
  2. What type of business does it best suit and why?
  3. Why is there a customer demand for SMS-based purchasing, what are the key trends?
  4. Are you working with any omnichannel retailers to provide this service for instore payments?
  5. Your website states that the solution is built to improve customer LTV: has this been validated on a live site yet?
  6. How does the integration work for a retailer that doesn’t yet have an ecommerce store, just an online catalogue?
  7. Plans for an API integration?
  8. What is the payment gateway and which payment methods does it support by default?
  9. Who’s liable for fraud such as chargebacks, or BNPL customers hasn’t funds
  10. How do you handle the security to ensure the retailer remains compliant e.g. personal data?
  11. What is the commercial model and transaction fees?
  12. What’s in the roadmap, what’s your focus?

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