DTC Ecommerce & Subscriptions Growth with Death Wish Coffee
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DTC Ecommerce & Subscriptions Growth with Death Wish Coffee

This episode explores how DTC brands are delivering rapid growth through ecommerce. Direct to consumer brands take their products straight to their buyer, giving them control of the customer relationship and data, without selling through a retailer, distributor or wholesaler.

The rise of DTC ecommerce

There are a lot of interesting DTC brands making waves in ecommerce, both small and large. During the COVID pandemic, several global consumer brands also launched DTC initiatives, for example Heinz spun up an ecommerce site for its Baked Beans brand using Shopify.

Subscription commerce has been one of the key growth pillars for DTC brands. According to Statista, 23% ecommerce brands were planning to add subscription services to their ecommerce offering in 2020 and it’s predicted that three-quarters of DTC brands will offer subscriptions by 2023.

To dive into the world of DTC, we reached out to a fast growing consumer goods brand, Death Wish Coffee. Death Wish is a big name in the Shopify world and they’ll soon be launching a new website. As they’re handling design and frontend development inhouse, it was the perfect time to talk to Will Critcher, Director of Ecommerce, and find out what’s behind the business growth.

How to listen

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Key discussion points

  • Death Wish is a big name in the Shopify and DTC space; when and how did your growth really happen?
  • You made a big impact with your super bowl ad a few years ago; what effect did this have on ecommerce?
  • How big a part of your strategy is subscriptions?
  • What techniques work for upgrading customers to subscribers?
  • Amazon has been a big channel for you; how do you use Amazon alongside your own ecommerce channel?
  • Do you have an in-house development team or do you work with agencies?
  • How do you plan your roadmap and introduce new features?
  • You’re about to launch a new site; what are you changing & why?


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