Ecommerce Integration: Building A Bulletproof Tech Stack
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Ecommerce Integration: Building A Bulletproof Tech Stack

Ecommerce integration affects all replatforming projects. Selecting your tech stack is critical to operational capability and speed to market. All new site launches require systems integration, to differing levels of scale and complexity. The quality of integration is pivotal in enabling businesses to function, for example minimising points of failure to help keep your ecommerce operation ticking over even when there is disruption.

Systems integration spend is rising

The global system integration market size was USD 278.0 billion in 2019 and projected to expand at a CAGR of 11.7% this year. System integration enables organisations to access and visualize data for better decision making. The increased demand from businesses to enhance the efficiency of their existing systems and/or improve operational efficiency has further consolidated the role of integrations within ecommerce replatforming.

However, few businesses have complex systems integration experience in-house, a senior solutions architect is a rare luxury for most SMEs and even in some larger enterprises. The technology ecosystem is constantly changing, therefore an integration specialist is an essential skill set when deciding how to integrate a new ecommerce platform. We decided to speak to the experts to share practical advice based on experience.

In our 52nd episode, we’re joined by Rita Mantler, technical integration specialist and Founder at We Are Telescopic & Co-Founder and CTO at Medixus, who also plays an important role as a mentor for women in tech. Rita has stacks of development and integration experience and kindly shares insights on how to approach ecommerce integrations, using case studies to provide real-world examples.

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Key discussion points

  • How do Telescopic approach new projects and how do you engage with Clients?
  • What are the key criteria for selecting the best-fit technology?
  • How does your development team do due diligence to validate the selected tech?
  • Talk us through a complex project case study – what did you do & why?
  • How do you test new tech to ensure it’s fit for purpose?
  • What are the most common tech stacks you use and what are the pros and cons?
  • What has changed in ecommerce development in 2020 and what does this mean for ecommerce businesses?

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