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Ecommerce Merchandising & Trading Expert Insights from Boden

An interview with Kat Richardson, Boden’s Digital Trading Manager

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About This Episode

Ecommerce merchandising is the discipline of displaying products or offers on a website that are relevant to the customer and aligned with marketing campaigns. Whilst the primary objective is to increase sales, the aim is also to provide a positive customer experience. As your ecommerce business grows, with more customers and products, it can be challenging to know what to prioritise and how to effectively merchandise across your product catalogue. Additionally, the technology that trading team use evolves quickly, with AI/ML tools the norm for modern ecommerce teams.

Listening to digital trading specialists with experience managing merchandising programs for well known brands helps other ecommerce teams learn new tactics and tweak their approach to drive results.

For our 88th episode, we discuss ecommerce trading & merchandising challenges, tactics and technology with Kat Richardson, Boden’s Digital Trading Manager. Kat has a wealth of ecommerce trading experience in Fashion & Jewellery. In this podcast, she shares insights on how to trade large product catalogues, plan campaigns and the impact COVID has had on trading teams.

Key Discussion Points

  • What are the key challenges when trading a website like Boden: what do you focus on and why?
  • The last 12 months has been a bit of a challenge: how do you forecast when the world around you is quite volatile?
  • Boden is a big brand with a large catalogue – how do you structure trading across a large site?
  • How can trading teams respond to short-term opportunities: what processes do you use to tap into this type of event?
  • What’s your approach to segmentation and localisation?
  • Do AI/ML tools for merchandising really improve results?
  • What manual controls do you rely on for your merchandising campaigns so it’s not just machine driven?
  • Where do you see the role of trading/merchandising going?
  • What are some of the gotchas you’ve learned over the years that other trading manager should be looking out for e

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