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Ecommerce Site Search Best Practice with Klevu

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In our 23rd episode, Paul and James pull apart on-site search for ecommerce with Nilay Oza and Niraj Aswani, co-founders of Klevu, an AI-powered smart search solution used by 3000+ retailers worldwide.

Site search is critical for ecommerce success, especially for large catalogue retailers. Typically site search sessions convert better than non-search sessions (insert whichever stat you like here!) yet the search UX on many sites is fraught with logic gaps and failure to match accurate results with search intent.

Klevu is recognised as one of the leading search platforms globally, renowned for its AI/ML tooling and strength in semantic search. We invited Nilay and Niraj on to shed light on key requirements for modern ecommerce search.

In this episode, we cover the following key questions:

  • The relevance of NLP to ecommerce search
  • The importance of good quality product catalogue data
  • The benefits of machine learning for site search
  • How well does Klevu fit into the modern headless tech stack?
  • What capabilities does Klevu have for image and voice search?
  • How are ecommerce platforms evolving their native search features and where does Klevu fit in?

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