One-Click Checkout: How Fast Is Rapidly Gaining Ecommerce Wallet Share
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One-Click Checkout: How Fast Is Rapidly Gaining Ecommerce Wallet Share


Very sadly, since we recorded this episode Fast announced that it was shutting down because it ran out of funds after failing to secure additional investment fast enough in what had become a tough fundraising environment. We wish the team at Fast all the best for the future.

In this episode, we interview Domm Holland, CEO and Co-founder at Fast, a one-click payment platform that’s shaking up the world of ecommerce payments.

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Speeding up the checkout is the aim of every ecommerce team, reducing friction and getting people to the point of purchase with minimal distractions. Pick a stat about the negative impact on conversion rate of slow and confusing checkout flows, there are many! However, checkouts also need to be secure so that customers trust the website with their sensitive data and your business adheres to PCI DSS compliance requirements. This is where disruptive technology provider Fast fits in; they provide a one-click checkout that enables shoppers to use a central wallet across any retailer that supports the Fast payment method. Tune in to learn more about what Fast is, how it works and what benefits it offers customers and ecommerce businesses.

Tl;dr: what we cover:

  1. Fast’s vision and mission for one-click checkout
  2. What share of wallet Fast achieves & its impact on conversion
  3. Supported payment methods and future roadmap

Key Discussion Points

  • What is Fast’s technology mission and what types of customer do you serve?
  • What impact has Fast had on ecommerce sites in terms of wallet share and revenue?
  • How does Fast speed-up the average checkout process?
  • How does it work for the customer; what’s the user experience & how does this compare to default payment flows?
  • Customers can edit the cart up to 5 minutes after the order; how do customers use this feature?
  • What features and integrations are planned for 2022?
  • Talk us through the tech stack: what does a typical implementation look like for a retailer?
  • What payment methods do you support and will these change over time?
  • How does the fee structure compare to other payment wallets?

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