Heal’s Experience of Replatforming To Magento
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Heal’s Experience of Replatforming To Magento

Get practical advice and insights into the challenges of replatforming and what’s important to focus on from David Kohn, Customer & Ecommerce Director at Heal’s.

Heal’s has been designing, making and selling furniture since 1810. Best known for its iconic London flagship store, it has been steadily increasing its digital capabilities and uses a wide range of best-in-class 3rd party tools like Klevu and Nosto. The business is in the midst of a large replatforming project and we knew it would be an interesting time to speak to them about the realities of managing a complex project.

In our 62nd episode, we’re joined by Customer & Ecommerce Director at Heal’s, David Kohn. David talks to us about how they are approaching their Magento 2 implementation, key insights from the discovery process, the process of selecting third parties and their recent shift to focus on digital.

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Key discussion points

  • How has the role of digital changed at Heal’s over the years?
  • What tips do you have for other retailers looking at migrating to a new platform?
  • What has been the most challenging or surprising thing about the process?
  • Is there anything you’d do differently if you could start again?
  • How did you approach the ownership of SEO?
  • You use a number of key third parties like Cylindo – how has introducing this solution helped improve CX?
  • How do you use Bounce Exchange on Heals.com and how do popups perform for you?
  • How do you expect things to change for retail as we start to go back to normal after COVID?

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