How To Evaluate An Ecommerce Platform
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How To Evaluate An Ecommerce Platform

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Doing your due diligence carefully

It’s the $million question: how can you be sure the ecommerce platform you’ve selected is fit for purpose? When you’re migrating to a new platform, you need to ensure it’s fit for purpose. This requires a detailed understanding of potential issues & risks to enable mitigation plans to be put in place.

So how do you evaluate a new platform to get meaningful insights and avoid a vanilla box ticking exercise? On this podcast episode two experienced ecommerce consultants discuss common issues and how to avoid them, which capabilities to focus on and why and how to run effective demos.

Key Discussion Points

  • 01:50 What are the common issues with evaluating platforms & how do you avoid them
  • 15:00 Where do you focus your platform evaluation and why?
  • 33:45 How do you set-up and run effective demos
  • 43:00 What are helpful approaches to doing due diligence?

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