How To Improve Your Ecommerce Shopping Cart
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How To Improve Your Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Video summary

Tutorial on how to improve your ecommerce shopping cart design and usability to boost conversion and average order value. Expert insights from two highly experienced ecommerce specialists, helping you learn:

  1. What’s important for an ecommerce shopping cart why
  2. Good practice tips based on experience
  3. Examples from other retailers for inspiration

The following topics are covered, with timings included:

  1. 01:15 Persistent basket summary
  2. 02:35 Increasing basket size with add-ons
  3. 04:20 Consistent design patterns
  4. 05:20 Reassuring shoppers
  5. 06:25 Handling tax & duty costs for International
  6. 07:32 Key usability considerations
  7. 08:50 Providing clear shipping information and costs
  8. 09:37 Using service messaging
  9. 10:23 Contextual offers to boost basket size
  10. 11:14 Testing discount code fields carefully

Key take-aways:

  • Keep the page visually simple and focus customers on the two most important elements: basket contents and being able to review/update
  • Focus on your mobile design and UX because for most retailers mobile traffic is dominant (but check your data first!)

Are you interested in expert advice and guidance for your ecommerce shopping cart?

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Ecommerce context & trends

In our ‘Add to Cart’ episode, we talked about the importance of improving the add to cart user journey.

Why? According to Baymard Institute, the average ecommerce cart abandonment is 68%. Whilst many abandons are natural e.g. shoppers not ready to buy or doing comparison shopping, many are also due to poor UX and failure to address common barriers to purchase.

Your main cart page plays a vital role in channelling shoppers into the checkout funnel, yet lots of carts are never completed.

In this episode we look at 10 key things you should consider for your cart page to help you reduce abandonment and improve the customer experience. If you have other suggestions, please add them via the video comments and do click on Like if our tips are useful.

A failure to make the most of your shopping cart can result in a poor customer experience and lost revenue. The most common shopper frustrations are:

  • Unclear what the shipping costs, duties and taxes are
  • Poor layouts making it hard to find information or update content
  • Too much distraction 
  • Not clear how to get help if needed

Having worked with ecommerce teams and agencies to improve shopping cart design and content, in this video James & Paul share insights on what to watch out for and how to improve results.


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