Using Pricing and Inventory AI To Drive Ecommerce Profit Optimisation
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Using Pricing and Inventory AI To Drive Ecommerce Profit Optimisation

In this episode we sit down with our co-sponsors Hypersonix to look under the hood of their ecommerce profit optimisation technology.

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  • How does Hypersonix enable profit optimisation for ecommerce?
  • Using AI/ML to identify potential business risks
  • Integration paths and product roadmap

Trading is tougher this year, with some sectors like housewares impacted by the prevailing economic gloom. Therefore a focus on profit is logical and in this episode we talk to our sponsor Hypersonix about their profit optimisation technology solution for ecommerce businesses. Listen to CEO and Co-founder Prem Kiran, Council Member of the Forbes Technology Council, and Rob Neibauer, SVP and General Manager.

Hypersonix offers a free 30-day trial, which provides a personalized demo of the AI-driven analytics platform, so if you’re interested make an enquiry

Discussion notes

  1. Can you start by explaining why you created Hypersonix Profit OS?
  2. What type of business typically uses the Hypersonix platform and what size do you need to be to get results from the AI/ML engine?
  3. How is this different than a BI solution, such as PowerBI?
  4. Let’s add some specific context with stock: can you give some examples of intelligence it gives people ? Is it giving people recommended actions, or flagging for people to then decide what to do?
  5. How configurable is the platform in terms of overlaying business rules for optimisation to the underlying algorithms?
  6. Do you have a default set of business KPIs/metrics that you track out the box, or does each customer need to configure this themselves?
  7. You talk about engineering ProfitOS to proactively identify and flag risks – can you talk us through what type of risk it looks for, how it identifies them and then what it does?
  8. You also have pricing optimisation, how does this module compare with other price monitoring software like Prisync – what pricing strategies does it enable you to set and how can customers put in safeguards, such as minimum pricing?
  9. For inventory optimization on your website you mention forecasting the probability of out of stocks, how does this work?
  10. Let’s talk about the integration, what options are there for an ecommerce team to implement Hypersonix into an existing ecomm tech stack, which platforms do you have integrations with?
  11. Where’s your product strategy and roadmap headed, and why?

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