Patchworks On Ecommerce Integrations and Omnichannel Data Trends
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Patchworks On Ecommerce Integrations and Omnichannel Data Trends

Expert advice and insights on ecommerce integrations and omnichannel tech stacks with Patchworks CTO and VP Sales & Partnerships.

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Patchworks is a leading SaaS integration platform for ecommerce businesses, providing low/no code tools and flow builders to connect data sources and simplify integrations. They work with a wide range of businesses, so have their finger on the pulse of what tech stacks are trending and in most demand.

In this podcast, we caught up with Dave Wileman, VP Sales & Partnerships, and Conor Barr, CTO, to explore the trends Patchworks is seeing around omnichannel commerce and ecommerce data flows during 2023 and into 2024

We explore variance across territories, which markets are most active right now and the business challenges / resistance their customers are facing when migrating from legacy retail systems to modern SaaS tooling like Lightspeed POS.

Tune in for the strategic market view and practical industry insights.

Discussion guide

  1. What trends has Patchwork seen around omnichannel during 2023 and into 2024
  2. What variance are you seeing across territories e.g. UK, EU, US etc.? Which markets (countries) are most active right now?
  3. Which retail sectors are pushing omnichannel the most across your customer base and why?
  4. We’ve seen a ramp up in the number of businesses switching to POS SaaS vendors. What business challenges / resistance are clients facing when migrating from legacy retail management systems to SaaS such as Shopify POS / Lightspeed?
  5. Is Patchworks typically still seeing projects with integration into ‘black box’ retail systems for more traditional retailers?
  6. Is BI/reporting typically being evaluated during the course of an integration project? What trends are you seeing here?
  7. How involved are you getting with connecting the data paths for SVC & CDP projects, as this is an area that’s hot right now in ecommerce? We’ve answered this I think….
  8. What’s next with the Patchworks platform? You launched your low/no code flow builder and the new BI solution recently, so what can merchants expect in Q2 and beyond?
  9. What other tech/vendors are you seeing increasing in demand for pre-configured connectors? Which areas are ecom merchants most focused on?

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