Key Roles & Skills for Your Replatforming Project Team
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Key Roles & Skills for Your Replatforming Project Team

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Project team roles & responsibilities

One of the first questions we get asked when working with a new Client team is, “who needs to be involved in our replatforming project?”. The size of a project team depends entirely on the project scope and complexity. However, there some roles are required regardless of project size, for example a project sponsor, business lead and project manager.

For our 95th episode, Paul & James run through the key roles that are required to deliver a successful replatforming project. They discuss and explain the core responsibilities for each role and which skills you should cover with in-house staff. They also cover the following functional areas: business & finance (including subject matter experts), creative & UX, project management and technical project delivery.

Key Discussion Points

  • What roles do you need in a replatforming project team and why?
  • What are the key responsibilities for each role?
  • How does team size and structure vary based on project scope and business size?
  • What are the pros and cons of outsourcing roles to external contractors and freelancers?
  • Ideally which roles should be covered by your internal team & why?


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