Managing and Implementing an Ecommerce Roadmap
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Managing and Implementing an Ecommerce Roadmap

Get practical advice and insights into the challenges of defining and prioritising an ecommerce roadmap with Louis Adamou, Ecommerce & Technology Strategist for Loaf.

An ecommerce roadmap is a planning tool designed to help organisations using an ecommerce platform to plan and manage development cycles. The roadmap is a representation of planned feature development, aligning the marketing, design, merchandising and development initiatives involved in managing the ecommerce platform.

Why is an ecommerce roadmap important?

Every business has finite resources, yet a seemingly endless stream of demands from the business to enhance and improve an ecommerce website. These demands come from across the business, with a delicate balancing act to keep stakeholders happy and ensure development resources are aligned with the business strategy and deliver value.

This is where roadmap control is essential. Roadmap management provides a structured process for evaluating new requirements, determining the relative cost and complexity and then making a prioritisation decision. Roadmaps are challenging to manage because they involve people, process and technology. Having somebody within the business who has a strategic view of ecommerce is important, as they can balance requirements from different teams by taking a company-wide view.

In our 64th episode, we’re joined by the Ecommerce & Technology Strategist for Loaf., Louis Adamou. Louis shares practical insights for defining and managing an ecommerce roadmap, explaining his role and how Loaf manages their product strategy.

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Key discussion points

  • What is the overall technology stack at Loaf and how has this changed over the last few years?
  • Your role at Loaf is a really interesting one – do you stay out of the day to day trading and just focus on projects and optimisation?
  • How closely do you work on the execution side as well e.g. implementing Ometria?
  • How do you assess the different solutions and then also assess the impact post roll out?
  • What were some of the most impactful things you worked in on 2020?
  • What are some of the key areas you’re looking at in 2021 and why are you prioritising these areas?
  • What are your thoughts on key trends generally in ecommerce going in 2021, from a technology perspective in particular?

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