Reducing Ecommerce Returns With Technology & CX with TrueFit
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Reducing Ecommerce Returns With Technology & CX with TrueFit

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About Ecommerce Returns

There always seems to be so much going on in the fashion industry. From an ecommerce POV, we’ve had the glitz of interactive mirrors and the passing obsession with beacons, now we’ve now got live streaming to get excited about and there’s a long overdue focus on sustainability and the environment.

Amidst the chop and change, one constant is the challenge businesses have with high returns rate and findings ways to sensibly reduce returns through better CX and also using technology to help both the consumer and company. 

For our 92nd episode, we sat down with the team at TrueFit to learn from their vast experience providing solutions to fashion brands to help them improve the online CX and reduce returns. We’re joined by Sarah Curran-Usher, former founder of and now MD Emea at TrueFit, and Astrid Laidet, Principal Success Manager.

Key Discussion Points

  • What has been happening in fashion ecommerce during the pandemic, what challenges are retailers facing?
  • Returns is a big challenge for fashion retailers – what causes the high returns rates?
  • What practical steps can ecommerce businesses take to reduce online returns?
  • The Fashion Genome data set is your USP – please explain to our listeners what this is, how you collect the data and how it’s different to a retailer’s own product and customer data?
  • What’s the typical implementation timeline and how is it integrated i.e. what technical resource does your average client need?
  • Do you have any advice for retailers on how they can create business case for investment – what’s the true cost impact of returns?

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