Scalable Tech: What’s Driving Rapha’s Global Ecommerce Growth?
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Scalable Tech: What’s Driving Rapha’s Global Ecommerce Growth?

This episode provides an insight into the technology decisions that a leading global consumer brand is making to drive ecommerce growth.

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Rapha was founded in 2004 in London with the goal of making the world’s finest cycling clothing, for beginners through to cycling professionals. The brand has grown rapidly online and technology has inevitably been a key enabler. For this podcast we interviewed Rapha’s Technology Director Ben Bodien about the technologies they use and how they’re using them to support and drive growth.

What you’ll learn:

  1. What does the technology & engineering team look like?
  2. What technology is behind the Rapha Cycling Club?
  3. Why is the business evaluating headless?

Key Discussion Points

  • An overview of the key technologies used in Rapha’s stack
  • What role do the native apps play in the overall customer proposition?
  • What does the development team structure look like?
  • What advice do you have for other ecommerce teams looking to build an engineering team?
  • Rapha is considering headless: why is this relevant to the business and what are the primary objectives? 
  • How would a headless setup enable more agile development approaches for Rapha?
  • What internal issues have you had to overcome to embrace a move to headless?

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