How to Improve Ecommerce Site Speed
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How to Improve Ecommerce Site Speed

On this podcast you’ll discover how YOTTAA’s acceleration solutions help more than 1,000 ecommerce sites to improve site speed, resulting in higher conversions and better shopper experiences.

Ecommerce performance is a hot topic. Page speed has long been a ranking factor for mobile websites on Google and the metrics for measuring performance are much improved. The arrival of Web Vitals has given CX/UX teams even more to think about, for example CLS (cumulative layout shift) measuring the amount the page jumps after initial load. 

However, it’s challenging to know where to start. Modern ecommerce stacks are complex, involving multiple systems, different frontend frameworks and a vast array of 3rd party scripts. As part of our focus month on ecommerce site performance and analysis, we’re exploring how ecommerce teams can get significant performance and speed gains simply by optimising and improving control of 3rd party scripts.

Benefits of improving ecommerce site speed

There are many reasons why slow sites have an impact on conversion and revenue. Up to 57% of shoppers will leave after 3 seconds if the page isn’t interactive and showing meaningful content. Every second of delay after this 3 threshold is estimated to cost ecommerce sites around 7% of conversion.

What causes slow page load times? External technology, typically loaded via 3rd party javascript, can account for up to 75% of page load time. As businesses grow and teams expand, it’s common for more third party tools to be added to deliver important functionality. However, over time these scripts accumulate and lack of ownership often results in nobody controlling how they load and what impact this has on user experience.

With this in mind, we decided to speak to the experts. YOTTAA’s Cloud acceleration solutions enable you to optimise and control all the browser-based digital elements on your site resulting in fast and consistent shopper experiences.

For our 58th episode, we’re joined by Founder and CTO, Bob Buffone, and CEO Richard Stendardo. Bob and Richard talk to us about the importance of performance, balancing performance vs. functionality, measuring site speed improvement and how Yottaa works.

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Key discussion points

  • Was the intention always just to speed up websites and applications or has the product evolved over time?
  • Your speciality is optimising 3rd parties: how does this work, what is the service actually doing when sequencing the JS?
  • How does the offering differ from a solution like Cloudflare for example?
  • How do you measure the impact of the different products?
  • What have been the best improvements you’ve seen?
  • How do you think these third parties should be reducing their impact from a performance perspective? 
  • Which platforms do you work with most commonly and where do you tend to see the most obvious use cases and biggest impacts?

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