How Retailers Are Doing Marketing Automation, SMS & Loyalty with Voyado
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How Retailers Are Doing Marketing Automation, SMS & Loyalty with Voyado

Tune in for practical industry and marketing automation product insights from Karl Stone, an experienced ecommerce technologist and now Regional VP UKI at Voyado.

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  • How retailers are using multichannel marketing automation
  • UK market adoption of SMS marketing
  • Trends in ecommerce loyalty marketing

The marketing automation space is quite crowded with tech, and we like to showcase as many of the leading vendors as possible to help you decide which platforms are relevant.

In this episode we sit down with Voyado to focus on their multichannel marketing and loyalty product, Engage. We explore what type/size of business the product suits, with examples of well known brands using Engage. We also look at the market view, exploring how quickly SMS usage is growing and how this varies across different sectors/verticals.

Then we dive into personalisation and loyalty, discussing what types of personalisation can be realistically achieved and what loyalty techniques are most used by Voyado’s ecommerce customers.

Discussion notes

  1. We’re going to focus on your multi channel marketing and loyalty product, Engage. What type/size of business is your sweet spot, and can you give some examples of well known brands using Engage?
  2. For multi channel marketing, how quickly are you seeing SMS usage grow and how does this vary across different sectors/verticals?
  3. Does Voyado automatically send campaigns to the best channel for the customer, for example sending SMS if that customer has the highest open rate on SMS instead of email? Can you talk us through how this works and what controls brands can overlay.
  4. What advice can you share for our listeners: what type of SMS campaign do you see working well for your customers to drive revenue?
  5. Can you talk us through how the promotions engine works for generating unique codes for each customer, how does this play with ecommerce platforms to ensure codes can be activated in the shopping basket?
  6. Let’s talk about personalisation: how do you define personalisation, as in what are your merchants able to give their customers that’s truly personalised rather than segment based?
  7. Can you walk us through a few examples of how your merchants are using Voyado to deliver smart personalisation and what results this is driving?
  8. You say the platform is built on decades of expertise on loyalty in retail: can you share some insights on what loyalty mechanisms currently work the best to drive customer retention and LTV?
  9. How does your loyalty engine work, what models does it support, for example tiered levels, points-based etc.?
  10. How can merchants handle membership programs, what’s available out the box and who’s doing this well?
  11. How well integrated is loyalty & memberships with other parts of Engage like the marketing automation and SMS, how can merchants drive campaigns based on the loyalty status?
  12. What’s your favourite merchant example of using Voyado for loyalty: please talk us through how they’ve used the platform and what impact it had.

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