Vue Storefront PWA Frontend for Ecommerce
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Vue Storefront PWA Frontend for Ecommerce

Why you should know about Vue Storefront and how it’s being used by other B2C and B2B ecommerce businesses.

As ecommerce businesses started to require more flexibility and control of the presentation layer, headless commerce became a new industry darling. Considered the best possible way to fulfill the need of delivering personalised content experiences across multiple channels, headless is the default approach to ecommerce for many retailers.

Notably, there has been a recent shift to wanting more flexibility and control of the presentation layer amongst ecommerce teams. Monolith systems, where the backend is tightly coupled with the frontend, failed in doing that; headless platforms – on the contrary. They free the business to focus on growth, enabling rapid changes to the presentation layer without having a back-end code dependency or resource bottleneck. 

Open-source frontend for any ecommerce

Vue Storefront, a PWA, headless-oriented front-end, based on a modern JS stack, was built with these exact assumptions in mind.  

It boosts site performance while providing shopping experiences just like native apps. As an open-source solution, it can be used with any eCommerce backend with a robust set of APIs, such as commercetools, Magento, Episerver, Shopify, BigCommerce or Shopware, and customise with no limitations. 

For our 55th episode, we’re joined by Patrick Friday, CEO of Vue Storefront, currently the world’s fastest-growing open-source eCommerce platform. We wanted to know more about how Vue is being used, which technology partners it’s already working with, and what the future holds for headless commerce.

Patrick talks to us about the key benefits of PWA, how the platform has developed over time, moving up-market, the ecommerce platforms they’re currently working with, their partner eco-system and much more.

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Key discussion points

  • What is Vue and what tech stack do you use?
  • How important is the Vue community & how big is it now?
  • Which ecommerce platforms do you work with & will this change?
  • How does working with an API-first platform like Commercetools compare to platforms like Magento?
  • How much custom development do ecommerce teams need when using Vue?
  • What technology partners do you work with?
  • Please share some case studies of businesses using Vue for their ecommerce frontend

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