10 Ways To Use Exit Intent Overlays For Ecommerce
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10 Ways To Use Exit Intent Overlays For Ecommerce

Video summary

Practical advice on using contextual overlays and exit intent banners on your ecommerce store to reduce site abandonment and improve conversion. Expert insights from two highly experienced ecommerce specialists.

Topics covered and timings:

  1. [2.50] Using surveys to gather quantitative and qualitative data
  2. [3.48] Targeting new visitors for email sign-up
  3. [6.15] Targeting guest basket abandoners with exit intent campaigns
  4. [7.40] Focusing on repeat basket abandoners
  5. [9.10] Testing images and copy in your banners
  6. [11.05] Testing the layout & style of overlays
  7. [12.15] Using persuasion tactics to increase clicks
  8. [13.25] Running sequential campaigns for complex products
  9. [15.00] Helping people make decisions with filter options as CTAs
  10. [16.25] Running hold out tests & tracking results carefully

Interested in expert advice and guidance for your on-site search or other ecommerce challenges?

According to Econsultancy, between 10 to 15 percent of lost visitors can be ‘saved’ by using exit-intent popups. The average ecommerce conversion rate is between 2-3%; up to 98% sessions result in an exit without conversion. Some exits are natural, others because site isn’t working hard enough. Using overlays with contextually relevant content can influence your visitors’ behaviour.

However, be careful. Doing this poorly can adversely impact your brand and interrupt user journeys unnecessarily. The most common shopper frustrations are:

  • Intrusive pop-ups impeding user journeys = annoyance
  • Information that’s not contextually relevant
  • Being over sold and not helped
  • Being pushed into a decision you’re not ready to make or will regret – buyer’s remorse

Having worked on exit intent and overlay marketing campaigns for small and large ecommerce businesses including Sage, in this video we share insights on what to watch out for and how to improve results.


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