15 Minute Masterclass: Anatomy Of The Perfect PDP
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15 Minute Masterclass: Anatomy Of The Perfect PDP

A video short describing a 10-step process for auditing and optimising your ecommerce product page.

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OK so the perfect PDP doesn’t exist, click bait achieved 🙂 However, there are rules everyone can follow to improve the PDP for shoppers and drive better conversions. In this video I break down the steps to achieving nirvana (the place, not the band). Section timings are listed below, if you want to jump to something specific:

[00:40] Define primary and secondary audiences
[01:02] Build the customer mental model
[01:46] Define your buyer type
[02:28] Get the fundamentals right e.g. title, pricing, images, variants etc.
[09:50] Build in persuasion tactics
[11:20] Add useful information prompts
[12:25] Add navigation aids
[12:55] Add product associations
[13:22] Add contextual browse abandonment
[14:28] Review, adjust and finesse

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