Advice On Building & Running Ecommerce Teams, with Claire Wilson
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Advice On Building & Running Ecommerce Teams, with Claire Wilson

Expert advice and insights on building an ecommerce team for DTC growth with experienced digital director Claire Wilson.

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All businesses face this challenge: what resources do you need to run an ecommerce store, and how does this change over time to deliver against growth targets?

It’s a challenge knowing what blend of skills do you need, what should be in-house vs outsourced and how you structure and manage the team to ensure it delivers against growth targets and performance metrics.

In this podcast we’re talking to an experienced ecommerce leader to find out how she approaches these decisions, and what she’s learned from running ecommerce for brands including This Works, Laura Mercier and Bare Minerals.

Discussion guide

  1. Let’s start with an intro, what’s your background and talk us through what you think makes a good ecommerce leader?
  2. At Orveon, you were responsible for establishing the ecommerce function: how do you start, where do you focus, how do you decide what a brand really needs vs. what’s an expensive luxury?
  3. How did you structure the team and why: if you had your time again, would you do anything differently?
  4. It’s a challenge evolving a resource model as the business grows, reacting to changes in strategy and targets: how do you tackle this, what for you are the key deciding factors for when to expand a team and which skills to bring in-house?
  5. Talent retention: what keeps good people, other than a competitive salary?
  6. Planning becomes more and more important as the ecom business grows: what processes do you focus on to ensure you’ve got a scalable working environment?
  7. Data you do nothing with is for vanity, data should drive change and decision-making. What data do you focus on: outside of standard KPIs like revenue, conversion, AOV etc., which metrics do you personally think drive smarter ecommerce decision-making and are your go-to measurement set?
  8. How do you like to handle reporting: tools, frequency, how stakeholder specific do you get?
  9. Let’s drill into trading: what should an ecommerce trading meeting look like, who’s involved, what has to be discussed?
  10. And let’s close on a tangible take away: what techniques and tips can you share for getting the most from your team, and keeping them motivated when trading is tough?

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