How To Do Cross Border Commerce Better: Shipping, Tax Remittance & Customs Clearance
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How To Do Cross Border Commerce Better: Shipping, Tax Remittance & Customs Clearance

In this episode, we explore the challenges of delivering cross-border ecommerce, featuring an interview with the experts at Swap Commerce. Known for their market-leading returns platform, Swap Commerce now also help merchants unlock new markets via their new cross border solution.

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In this episode, Cian Wright explains how Swap’s services — including DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) shipping, automatic tax remittance, and express customs clearance — streamline the complexities of international sales. We discuss the advantages of DDP shipping, which ensures that all duties and taxes are paid upfront, offering a seamless experience for customers and reducing unexpected costs at delivery.

An interesting insight is the automatic clawback of duty on returns. This feature is crucial, as retailers often lose out when using merchant of record solutions that do not offer this functionality. By automatically reclaiming duties on returned items, Swap Commerce helps businesses maintain their profitability and operational efficiency.

Tune in to for advice on your cross-border ecommerce strategy, helping you expand globally while managing the financial intricacies of international trade.

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Discussion guide

  • Introduction to Cian Wright & your background 
  • What trends are you seeing in cross border, which countries are merchants focused on at the moment?
  • How does your approach differ to merchant of record solutions like Global-e?
  • What are the implications for merchants, as it has benefits but also an impact on effort and responsibilities?
  • How do you handle the tax & duties to enable DDP, as it varies across the world and countries like US are complex?
  • Let’s talk about duty drawback, as there’s a potentially significant financial benefit to being able to control this – how does it work, where can merchants benefit?
  • Shipments and returns are a challenge for cross-border trade, how can merchants maintain a consistent CX?
  • Swap works with repair and recycling partners: how does this work, are you seeing a rise in interest as companies try and improve sustainability?
  • Where’s your cross border solution headed?

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