Chord API First Ecommerce Platform Overview and Key Features
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Chord API First Ecommerce Platform Overview and Key Features

In this ecommerce podcast, host Paul Rogers interviews Bryan Mahoney, the CEO and co-founder of Chord, a modern API first headless ecommerce platform supporting DTC brands including Caraway and Super73.

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The ecommerce platform market is packed with different types of vendor and solution, from proprietary platforms like Aurora to leading SaaS vendor like Shopify and BigCommerce. It can be hard to keep track of all the solution providers and how they differ, making platform shortlisting and selection challenging.

In this ecommerce podcast, Paul Rogers interviews the CEO and co-founder of Chord, a platform with a difference. Built as a headless solution that is ‘data first’, offering a business intelligence data platform, Chord provides a point of difference to most other platforms in the market. Tune in to discover more about the platform, its key features and what’s native to the platform.

Tl;dr – what we cover:

  1. What is Chord and where does it sit in the ecommerce vendor market?
  2. Data capabilities as a point of difference to other platforms
  3. A typical tech stack for a Chord customer
  4. Pre-built integrations and roadmap

Key Discussion Points

  1. Why did you start Chord; what was the gap you saw in the platform space and how did you intend to build something different?
  2. You’ve mentioned the data side, which is pretty unique in terms of positioning and the offering – can you just talk us through end to end how this works in practice?
  3. Going back to the platform itself, what does a typical Chord-based tech stack look like and what are people typically using on the front-end?
  4. On your website you talk a lot about subscriptions, is this all natively part of the platform or do you partner with vendors?
  5. What does the subscription capability look like? 
  6. Obviously you’re going to be compared to the SaaS platforms a lot and their biggest weakness remains the multi-store piece, how does this work for Chord?
  7. Do you have any pre-built integrations for core technology partners and is this part of your go-to-market strategy?
  8. What’s in the roadmap for Chord for this year and also for 2022?
  9. Can you talk us through a couple of your favourite customers and what you’ve done for them?

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