Fireside Chat on Multi-Store Ecommerce and Loyalty with Astrid & Miyu
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Fireside Chat on Multi-Store Ecommerce and Loyalty with Astrid & Miyu

In this episode we interview the wonderful ecommerce team at Astrid & Miyu, a contemporary jewellery brand whose positioning is “More than just a jewellery brand, we are a movement on a mission to revolutionise the jewellery experience.” Listen to find out more!

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  • Handling digital technology for the store base
  • Transitioning from working with Adobe Commerce to Shopify Plus
  • Theme management for multi-storefront ecommerce
  • Launching and running an ecommerce loyalty programme

This the concluding episode of our Amazing Women in Ecommerce (AWIE) series. AWIE was launched by Yotpo in 2018 to celebrate how women are leading and shaping the ecommerce industry. 

To go out with a bang we’re exploring the ecommerce world at leading jewellery brand Astrid and Miyu. Astrid & Miyu was founded in 2012 by Connie Nam as an opportunity to bring something different to the market. Inspired by her local jeweller back home in Seoul, she wanted to offer products that were full of sentiment and innovative in design, together with an experience that was personal and engaging, and most importantly to create a brand that is inclusive and empowering.

A decade later and Astrid & Miyu is internationally celebrated as being more than just a jewellery brand.

Tune in to listen to senior ecommerce manager Molly Allen and head of ecommerce Rachel Powell-Jones discuss their approach to ecommerce.

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Discussion notes

  1. Molly, congrats on being named a 2023 AWIE honouree. What attracted you to the AWIE community and what does being a part of it mean for you personally?
  2. Let’s start with your personal journey – what’s your ecom background and what brought you to Astrid & Miyu?
  3. Astrid is a very multi-channel business and you’ve opened lots of stores over the last couple of years, how do you manage that side of things from a tech perspective?
  4. Lots of people say Shopify POS is fine until you get to ~10 stores, how have you found things harder to manage as you’ve grown the number of stores?
  5. Shopify POS is a solid transactional POS but it’s not comparable to say Mercaux e.g. it’s not built for like clienteling – are you doing that in store and if so what tech are you using
  6. Molly, we previously worked together at a company that used Magento, how have you found working with Shopify from a day to day perspective, what do you see as its strengths and weaknesses?
  7. You’re growing a lot internationally across both channels, can you talk us through how you’ve setup the Shopify side for the different markets you serve? 
  8. You recently did a theme rebuild and redesign, why did you need to do this, what were the goals of this project and what were some of the improvements you achieved?
  9. Your loyalty program is quite new, what features do you rely on, what’s next?
  10. You’ve got a relatively lean tech stack from what i’ve understood, any plans to introduce major new systems to improve operational capability/process e.g. PIM/DAM
  11. Which Shopify apps have impressed you the most and what do you use them for?
  12. What’s next for the ecommerce team, what do you have on your roadmap?

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