Building The Right Martech Stack For An Ecommerce Retailer
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Building The Right Martech Stack For An Ecommerce Retailer

In this ecommerce podcast, James Gurd and Paul Rogers sit down with an experienced ecommerce data & technology consultant to discuss common issues with martech setups, how to address them and what a good martech stack looks like.

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The martech landscape is cluttered. The Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic states around 5,000 vendors but in reality it’s much more. Modern businesses demand agile tech stacks and greater speed to market, as well as the elusive single customer view of data, but achieving this isn’t straight forward.

Additionally, tech selection isn’t always well orchestrated, with silos resulting in systems being selected without company-wide integration being understood or planned for.

Tl;dr – what we cover

  1. Why it’s important to build the right martech stack
  2. Realities of moving to a single customer view
  3. The decision tree for selecting martech

Key Discussion Points

  • Let’s start with a simple definition: what do we mean by martech for ecommerce?
  • What are the common issues you see impacting ecommerce retailers with their martech stack & what causes them? 
  • How can retailers simplify their martech ecosystem: what should they focus on, what usually delivers results in your experience? 
  • We talked about being clear on the measurement needs first, how can ecommerce teams go about defining data needs & flows?
  • Let’s be realistic: it’s a long road to achieve a true single customer view if you don’t have sizeable tech/data teams and deep pockets – so what’s a sensible compromise?
  • What can SMEs do to move towards the single customer view and what are the key bit of martech they require to achieve this?
  • You talk about data clean rooms: please explain what these are, how they work and what the value is for a retailer?
  • What decision tree should ecommerce retailers follow to decide what type of CDP they require e.g. market leading vendor vs. sticking with their existing CRM & BI? 

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