How Boohoo Took A Leading Retailer Online Only In 8 Weeks On A Composable Stack
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How Boohoo Took A Leading Retailer Online Only In 8 Weeks On A Composable Stack

In this episode we sit down with Cabiri CEO and Founder Rex Bigger to get an expert’s practical view on the implications of a composable project and how Cabiri is simplifying the migration towards this architectural approach.

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  • Challenges and risk going composable
  • How Cabiri simplifies project delivery
  • Implications for resourcing and team structures

Cabiri specialises in helping businesses through technology change and they have a lot of experience building composable solutions, which seems to be everyone’s current architectural obsession. The project that caught our eye was the relaunch of on a composable stack in an 8-week project, so we decided to find out how this was possible.

The term composable is used a lot in the industry but there’s still a lack of knowledge in many organisations regarding the operational, technical and financial implications of this approach, and it’s not right for everyone. Indeed, amongst the success stories are a few car crashes where money has been burned and projects ditched.

Discussion notes

  • Let’s talk about some of the issues businesses have experienced with composable – why do you think some projects over run massively?
  • What is your approach to project structure and management to simplify delivery & how do you get time efficiency?
  • How do you approach the technology stack evaluation for a monolithic high street business, which often has a complex systems architecture with hard coding, points of failure, where did you start?
  • And what’s your advice on handling a project like this culturally with internal developers who may be resistant to change, or frustrated that what they’ve previously built will be lost?
  • You’ve built an Accelerator, mainly on Commercetools: can you talk us through why it was needed & what it does?
  • How has this accelerator delivered practical benefits to Client projects?
  • You’re naturally proud of the 8-week project delivery. People are often sceptical about claims like this, so what was your approach in terms of MVP launch and phasing to make this manageable?
  • What does the back end admin tooling & dashboard look like – this is an area people typically struggle to grasp what they get vs. what they build
  • How do content teams handle things like preview of new launches and campaigns?
  • What size business do you need to be in order to make a composable tech stack work in terms of resources?
  • How do you budget for this: where does this money go, what split between internal dev, external partners, project management, licencing, what surprises people?
  • What advice do you have for ecom businesses considering composable: what do they need to think about, what are the potential risks?

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