Customer Engagement Platforms: Accelerating Business Success with Emarsys
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Customer Engagement Platforms: Accelerating Business Success with Emarsys

Customer experience continues to be a hot topic for ecommerce teams. To deliver a consistently high quality of experience, teams require the right technology to enable automation, scalability and deliverability. To achieve this, customer engagement platforms go beyond the capabilities of a standard ESP (email service provider) and support ecommerce capabilities such as merchandising and remarketing.

For example, browsing behaviour can be fed into a customer data view to enable personalised content in customer emails. This is much better than showing the same content to every contact in a segment. But what is a customer engagement platform and do you really need one?

In our 49th episode. Paul & James interview Zach Hemmant-Low, Sales Director at Emarsys, about the CX suite and integration with leading ecommerce platforms. Emarsys positions itself as “The only omnichannel customer engagement platform built to accelerate business outcomes”, so we we decided to find out what that really means and see if the product lives up to its billing.

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Key discussion points

  • What exactly is the Emarsys toolkit and how does it differ from a typical ESP?
  • How does Emarsys approach new integrations – do clients need to use standard plugins or do you enable bespoke implementations?
  • You have integrations with key vendors like Magento, SCC, Shopify Plus & Hybris – any plans to introduce new platforms?
  • What does the data integration process and path look like?
  • What types of triggered campaigns do you support e.g. basket abandonment?
  • How does Emarsys handle anonymous users to enable campaign targeting for things like basket abandonment?
  • What’s a sensible timeframe for doing a full data integration with Emarsys?
  • What’s next for Emarsys – what’s in the roadmap and does the recent SAP acquisition change this?

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