CX Considerations For Your Ecommerce Returns Strategy
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CX Considerations For Your Ecommerce Returns Strategy

This is the concluding episode of our two-part mini series with Jonathan Poma, the CEO and Founder of Loop, a market-leading returns platform used by lots of large brands. In the first episode we focused on returns strategy and operational efficiency, now we turn to customer experience.

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  • How has the environment for ecommerce returns changed over recent years?
  • How do customer demands vary from country to country?
  • The key issues with returns that merchants need to get to grips with
  • Where Loop is heading with its product roadmap

This is part two of our podcast interview with Loop Returns founder Jonathan Poma. In the first episode Jonathan explained how Loop integrates with ecommerce tech stacks, the challenges they’re helping retailers address and sensible strategies to manage ecommerce returns. In part two, we progress to discussing customer experience considerations.

We drill in to the state of returns in 2023, what changes Loop has seen, customer expectations and how retailers are meeting the demand for a professional and reliable returns service, including customer-centric tactics to help reduce your returns rate.

Tune in for industry insight and practical advice. Listen to / watch part one on ecommerce returns management if you missed it.

Discussion notes

  1. How do you see the state of returns today vs the last few years – is the average return rate increasing or decreasing in your view? How do you see this changing over time?
  2. You talked about charging handling fees and lots of brands starting to charge at different levels – what strategies are you seeing work best, as in when should brands charge vs. offer free, how granular do they need to go in terms of customer profile, product types, locations etc.? 
  3. Do you find the customer expectation varies significantly by country/region – such as NA vs. UK/Europe?
  4. What other features are you working on with Loop? I know you’re working on some very useful integrations (E.g. Global-E), but what else? 
  5. Do you personally think there’s a justification for blocking some returns, for example refusing returns for serial returners who aren’t profitable customers & who do you think has handled this well?
  6. You work with a wide range of brands and retailers, so have seen lots of different approaches – for someone building a returns strategy from the ground up or looking to develop a more mature strategy, what are the key issues they need to be aware of and any gotchas they should avoid?
  7. How does Loop’s pricing model work and what’s the entry price point? 
  8. How do people reach out if they want to check anything or book a demo?

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