Automating Digital Asset Management & Improving Site Performance, with Cloudinary
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Automating Digital Asset Management & Improving Site Performance, with Cloudinary

In this ecommerce podcast, James sat down with site performance specialists Cloudinary to discuss the importance of digital asset management (DAM) systems and their impact on site speed and user experience.

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It’s safe to say that website performance has a direct impact on customer experience and conversion rate, there’s plenty of data out there to make the correlation. However, performance can become fragmented and compromised given how many systems make up an enterprise ecommerce implementation, from back office systems supplying source data to 3rd party apps and widgets performing specific front-end functions like UGC feeds and customer reviews.

In this episode, Paul & James sit down with Tal Ofer, Senior Partner Manager, and Zuzana Samaj, Senior Solutions Engineer at Cloudinary. Cloudinary’s mission is to help companies unleash the full potential of their media to create the most engaging visual experiences. The podcast covers key DAM related issues faced by ecommerce businesses, the impact of DAMs on speed and performance, the use of AI in digital asset management and integrations with ecommerce platforms.

Tl;dr – what we cover:

  1. Key digital asset related issues faced by ecommerce business
  2. The impact of DAMs on speed and performance
  3. The use of AI in digital asset management
  4. Integrations with ecommerce platforms

Key Discussion Points

  1. How have you seen the challenges for ecommerce businesses in respect to DAM change over the past few years?
  2. What technical issues do ecommerce teams typically come to Cloudinary with and what are the problems they’re trying to fix?
  3. What’s the business case for investing in a DAM – some are still happy with old folder systems, or relying on things like Sharepoint folders – so what difference does a DAM really make to justify the cost?
  4. Ecommerce teams are obsessed with speed and performance: what measurable impact does your DAM have & how vs. using the ecommerce platform media library?
  5. Image libraries are often a complete mess and unsearchable! Talk us through how metadata can be used to classify and sort plus
  6. What are the use cases for AI-generated tags, can you provide a few examples?
  7. Do you have professional services to do data cleaning for clients?
  8. Which content workflows do you often see businesses struggle with and how does your platform help them improve their processes?
  9. For those who’ve been around like me, the notion of image presets has been around for a longtime: how does your DAM enable a business to auto-generate device and channel specific asset versions?
  10. Which ecommerce platforms and other leading systems do you have proven integrations with/connectors for?
  11. What’s a typical implementation timeframe and cost?
  12. You’ve talked about your AI alpha, so what’s the roadmap focus for 2022/23 and what new features can merchants look forward to?

Check the video below for an example of Cloudinary’s AI in action to dynamically edit visual assets:

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