Discussing The Latest PSD2 Payment Updates with Adyen
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Discussing The Latest PSD2 Payment Updates with Adyen

In our 75th episode, we’re joined by previous guest, Fred Potter (from Adyen), who talks to us about the upcoming PSD2 and SCA changes and how retailers should be planning / allowing for it. We originally recorded this episode a few days before the latest update, where The FCA confirmed the new SCA enforcement date to be 14 March 2022 in the UK.

The Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) update is part of the PSD2 regulation, which is being rolled out in Europe. The update is designed to enhance the existing 3d secure offering and help to add further prevention around online fraud. The new date for the update is the 14th of March 2022 for the UK, but it’s already in place in some European countries. The reason for the delay has mainly been cited as the readiness of the banks.

You can listen to this episode via the following:

Although the date has changed, the episode covers all of the key considerations around the update – some of which include:

  • What PSD2 and SCA are and the overall purpose
  • The key implications of the update for eCommerce businesses
  • The current status in UK & Europe and how things have progressed since we last spoke to Fred in 2019
  • Insights for the key EU territories where this has been rolling out e.g. France, Germany, Italy
  • The likely approach when it does start to roll out in the UK
  • What UK retailers should be doing to get ready
  • The overall importance for merchants

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