DXPs and The Benefits of Unified Data for Ecommerce
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DXPs and The Benefits of Unified Data for Ecommerce

Unified data is at the heart of ecommerce and ecommerce teams are increasingly looking to develop personalised shopping experiences. But personalisation is tricky given the fragmented user journey and proliferation of devices and channels. With disparate data sources, data unification is an important step to help retailers on the path to genuine personalisation, not just segmentation.

The acronym DXP (Digital Experience Platform) has made its way into the ecommerce vernacular. Gartner describe DXP as an integrated set of technologies, based on a common platform, offering personalised services. Central to this experience is unified data, building a central customer view. What ecommerce teams really want to know is, how can they build this central customer view, how can they use the data to improve the on-site experience and what are the business benefits?

To help provide some insights, we reached out to Bloomreach. Their website boldly states that “Great Commerce Experiences Start with Product Discovery” and we agree; if you can’t find or be recommended a suitable product, then the wider customer experience becomes less impactful.

For our 71st episode, Chief Strategy Officer Brian Walker joined us from Seattle to discuss what a DXP really is, how it differs to standard CMS and the benefits of unified data for search and merchandising. As a recognised thought leader, Brian helped us explore key use cases for unified data and AI in ecommerce product discovery. Brian also runs a podcast, The State of Commerce Experience, with some really interesting guests so we recommend checking it out.

You can also listen to our episode on unified data for ecommerce via the following:

Key discussion points

  • Let’s clarify what a DXP is and how it’s different to a standard CMS
  • How will the acquisition of Exponea enhance the data platform?
  • What are the implications of changes to cookie tracking for ecommerce teams?
  • What are Bloomreach’s core capabilities for search and merchandising?
  • How does your AI help ecommerce teams – please provide some use cases?
  • What’s in the product roadmap for 2021 and where is Bloomreach focused and why?


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