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Ecommerce Content Management with Shogun CMS

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Paul and James are joined by Finbarr Taylor, CEO of ecommerce CMS and page building vendor, Shogun. We talk to Finbarr about best practices in managing content, the gaps in CMS with mainstream platforms, Shogun’s brand new ‘Front-end’ headless CMS solution and lots more.. Some of the questions we asked Finbarr include:

  • What is Shogun and where does it sit in the CMS market?
  • How does Shogun differ to native page building functionality?
  • What are some of the features added recently and why?
  • What is your new product, Shogun front-end?
  • What is a good use case for front-end – which merchants / projects are ideally suited?
  • What features are you looking to add to front-end once it’s released?

If you have any questions for Finbarr, you can reach out to him on LinkedIn or you can visit the Shogun website.


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