Ecommerce Technology, Tools & Tactics for Sales Cycles
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Ecommerce Technology, Tools & Tactics for Sales Cycles

Sales periods and tactical discounting are fundamental to ecommerce, especially in highly competitive markets like high street retail. January is a busy month for promotions and discounting, as retailers clear old stock and prepare for a new season. It’s typically slower than December but last year ecommerce sales grew by 13.9% during January, which is the lowest decline between December to January in five years. Many retailers experience a spike in sales at the end of January, enticing shoppers with deals around pay day.

Marketing technology ecosystem

The marketing tech ecosystem has developed rapidly, so we’re discussing what types of tech and examples of solution providers that ecommerce teams can use to support sales & promotions. Your choice of technology will directly impact your ability to create, execute and manage effective promotions.

For example, product recommendations are proven to drive online revenue but require sophisticated tools to do this well at scale. The worldwide average website revenue generated from product recommendations is 12% and the conversion rate of visitors who click on product recommendations up to 5.5 times higher than the conversion rate of non clicking customers. Ecommerce platforms enable basic visual merchandising natively but few provide the AI/ML tools to automate recommendations that are relevant to each shopper.

For our 54th episode, Paul and James talk about the key tools and solutions you can use for getting the most from your sales campaigns. We discuss a number of important areas including product recommendations, product bundling, popups and overlays, basket abandonment campaigns and various other aspects of on-site trading. 

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Key discussion points

  • Product recommendations engines and personalisation technology
  • Simple and dynamic product bundles
  • Multi-phase basket abandonment campaigns
  • Using loyalty tactics to drive customer retention
  • Making overlays and exit intent campaigns works
  • Customer service chat bots and tools

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