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Email Marketing Best Practice with Gavin Laugenie

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In this episode, we’re joined by Gavin Laugenie from DotDigital, who talks to us about various CRM and email marketing topics, including best practice for marketing opt-in, customer data migration, broader CRM / ESP integrations and email marketing automation. Some of the questions we asked Gavin include:

  • What do you consider best practice around managing opt-ins from different sources to align with GDPR?
  • How do different companies manage legitimate interest for customer orders, e.g. some still have opt-out, others are automatically opted in without it being explicit consent?
  • What impact does each of these approaches have on subscriber rates? Some have lost most of their database by adopting the strictest approach.
  • Customer data migration is often a headache – what do eCommerce teams need to think about when migrating data to a new platform like DotDigital?
  • What are some of the more interesting integrations that DotDigital has done e.g. connecting to ERP/POS systems
  • What are the complexities for managing multiple web storefronts and coordinating email campaigns across them?
  • What types of triggered campaigns work best and for what type of business?
  • How can people make a start with lifecycle marketing if they’ve not had previous experience – what are the quick wins? 

If you have any questions for Gavin, you can reach out to him on LinkedIn or you can visit the DotDigital website.


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