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What’s Hot In Email & SMS Marketing For Ecommerce Brands

An interview with Hannah Spicer, highly experienced email marketing consultant for premium & luxury retail brands. Hannah shares her take on the latest email marketing trends and advice for brands on setting up automated flows, auditing performance and smart ways to use segmentation.

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The global email marketing market was valued at $7.5 billion in 2020 and is projected to increase to $17.9 billion by 2027. Email still consistently delivers one of the highest ROIs out of all digital marketing channels. But it’s constantly evolving, and consumer expectations are definitely high. So, why is it so many brands still push shoppers into generic marketing flows and don’t make enough use of behavioural data to segment and tailor their marketing campaigns?

In this episode, we sat down with email marketing specialist Hannah Spicer to explore the latest trends in email marketing, providing practical advice to ecommerce teams wants to improve their campaign strategy and deliver better results. Tune in for the expert view.

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Key discussion points

  • Let’s start with your background and why you decided to focus on Klaviyo for luxury fashion & retail
  • Before we drill into your eCRM expertise, can you share your view on the latest trends for email marketing: what’s hot & why, where are brands focusing their investment?
  • We find customers often want a layer of data insights on top of a tool like Klaviyo to drive smarter flows, how do your customers approach this, what sort of tools are they using in addition to Klaviyo & what benefits does this provide? 
  • We’re advocates of nailing retention flows for customers, from 1st time buyers to incentivising repeat purchasing and other positive behaviours. Can you share some examples of how to do this well and, other than discounts, what should brands be offering their customers?
  • How can you do retention eCRM effectively without a loyalty program? 
  • Measurement: what metrics do you use to analyse performance, what makes a good email marketing report?
  • We get frustrated when brands use email as pretty much exclusively as a discounting channel to drive tactical sales. What works to effectively balance using discounts vs. driving full price sales?
  • What’s your advice on how to accurately define and identify lapsed customers?
  • Klaviyo segments: what data can and should people be passing into their ESP, what does smart segmentation look like – what is meaningful segmentation?
  • Auditing process: how do you stay on top of email quality, how often should brands audit their overall programme, how often do you need to review and update templates?

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