Enterprise Replatforming SEO with Carl Hendy
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Enterprise Replatforming SEO with Carl Hendy

In our 36th episode, we’re joined by Carl Hendy (Director at Reddico), who is highly experienced in large-scale replatforming projects from an SEO perspective. Carl has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands and has a huge amount of experience in dealing with large teams and complex technology stacks when replatforming. In this episode, we quiz him on his experiences and key best practices when approaching these types of projects.

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Some of the topics we cover in this episode, include:

  • Project planning and timing of key deliverables for large scale replatforming projects
  • Where things can go wrong in replatforming SEO projects
  • Getting buy-in around SEO from key stakeholders
  • Managing and quantifying SEO risk
  • Best practices for managing millions of redirects
  • Key SEO that can help with managing projects
  • Best practices and damage limitation for domain migrations
  • Pre-launch SEO checklist
  • Launch day planning for SEO

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