DXP Episerver Drives Experimentation With Optimizely
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DXP Episerver Drives Experimentation With Optimizely

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In our 39th episode we’re covering a leading Digital Experience Platform, discussing what the recent acquisition of leading global experimentation specialist Optimizely means to Episerver DXP with Episerver’s CEO, Alex Atzberger.

Episerver has been highly active with strategic acquisitions over the past few years, with a notable focus on personalisation and CX as evidenced by the 2019 addition of UK-based content personalisation platform Idio. In a recent webinar promoting the acquisition of Optimizely, Alex put forward the brand mantra of “no experience without experimentation”.

That’s logical, we thought. But we wanted to know more, so we reached out and Alex agreed to come on the podcast to explain in more detail what the integration of Optimizely means for the Episerver DXP platform and what its customers can expect over the coming months.

Some of the topics we cover in this episode, include:

  • Why has Episerver acquired Optimizely, and why now?
  • What are the key benefits for Episerver customers?
  • What’s the plan for integration of Optimizely into the Episerver DXP?
  • How well integrated will it becomes with Episerver’s AI engine?
  • How easily can customers self-serve using Optimizely vs. require development support?
  • What role will Episerver partners play in the adoption and use of Optimizely?
  • What’s the commercial model for Episerver customers – what are the costs?

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