Future of Analytics and Digital Marketing: Insights From The Elevar Summit
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Future of Analytics and Digital Marketing: Insights From The Elevar Summit

In this podcast, James interviews Paul and his Vervaunt cofounder and performance marketing practice lead, Josh Duggan. Both recently attended Elevar’s US summit on the future of analytics for ecommerce and digital marketing and in this episode we explore what’s relevant to ecommerce teams.

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Key discussion points

  • What was the event about and what were the core analytics topics?
    • GA4 
    • Attribution shifts
    • Profit
    • Data collection
    • Creative
    • Content
  • There was a big focus on privacy changes and attribution, what other key discussions points were covered? 
    • Changing how people are looking at measurement / attribution
    • People not using full extent of GA4
    • Much more can be done with personalisation – Elevar looking to feed in offline data. Understand way more about your customer than simply on-site (sub-urban, income of xx, lifestyle of xx, most likely to buy from)
    • Tooling trends: Triple Whale and Northbeam mentioned a lot
  • Investment in content and creative was something you focused on in your talk and was covered in other talks. What was this related to, more on the performance side or generally?
    • Modular creative 
    • Hook, problem, intro, demo
    • Testing this format – dropping in different 3s clips 
    • Our talk was focused on the move to targeting through creative 
    • ESG for ethical shoppers 
    • Great example from one of our clients
  • One of the talks focused on performance channels, thinking more about P&L and working towards finance metrics. What was being suggested and are you seeing this trend?
    • Better financial scrutiny over media spend
    • Profitability metrics having wider consideration in performance
    • Move away from ROAS to baking in inventory to decisions, so lowering your ROAS target if SKUs are not shifting
    • Changing your allowable CAC or ROAS based on more business data e.g. SKUs more likely to drive CLTV
  • First party data has been a big theme for a while in ecommerce. What was being discussed at the summit?
    • Account journeys
    • Pro-active data capture
    • Propensity scoring with Buxton
    • Stitching together data
  • What were the key themes around reporting attribution trends?
    • Technology has made attribution tools a commodity, so accessible to smaller businesses
    • MTA + MMM: almost all solutions now would have some level of both MTA and MMM consideration. One big area is ensuring VIEWS and more upper funnel activity is considered
    • MTA+MMM solutions – TripleWhale, NorthBeam, Fospha etc
    • Using more comprehensive data 
    • Compare and use numerous attribution models (7x TW)
    • Beginning to see the return of control and exposed, experimentation
  • So many people are trying to spend less time in and around GA4 – what did you take from the event on this, what are people using instead?
    • Most of our clients now use something like Polar, Omni, 42, Sweet Analytics or bespoke
    • ContentSquare done well from GA4
    • Lots of people working more with BigQuery and also using low-code tools for data
    • Interesting trend around hiring

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