GA4 Migration: What Ecommerce Teams Need to Know & How To Plan
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GA4 Migration: What Ecommerce Teams Need to Know & How To Plan

In this ecommerce podcast, Paul and James are joined by analytics experts Anna Lewis and Jill Quick, who discuss all things GA4. Key topics include when users should be migrating to GA4, the current state vs UA, the likely roadmap for GA4 pre the migration deadline and much more.

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GA4 has been a hot topic for a few weeks now, after Google announced the sunsetting of universal analytics and the deadline for users to migrate to the new GA4 platform. With a different underlying data structure and various differences in how things are reported, we wanted to bring in two of the industry’s most informed experts to discuss all aspects of GA4 and considerations for migrating. You can see more about Anna and Jill below.

Anna Lewis – Web Analytics Specialist and founder of Polka Dot Data

Jill Quick – Analytics Consultant & Trainer, owner of The colouring in department

Key Discussion Points

  • What is GA4 and why is it different to UA?
  • What is happening to UA & how important is it for ecommerce teams to act now? What are the risks of not doing anything?
  • How is the data structure / recording different? Why has Google made this change?
  • How ready is GA4?
  • What is your recommendation for users currently? Do you think people should be starting to use GA4 to get used to it? Should people be switching to it?
  • How should businesses approach the migration and initial rollout? What’s the optimal approach? Should consultants be involved etc? What does the process look like?
  • What are the viable alternatives for (a) people on the free version of GA (b) people on 360 e.g. some on Twitter have recommended Matomo

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