Growing An Ethical Brand on Shopify: Marketplaces, Subscriptions & App Selection
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Growing An Ethical Brand on Shopify: Marketplaces, Subscriptions & App Selection

This is the first episode of our Amazing Women in Ecommerce series (AWIE). AWIE was launched by Yotpo in 2018 to celebrate how women are leading and shaping the ecommerce industry. Today we’re exploring the story of eco-friendly ethical brand Kind Laundry with cofounder Angie Tran, a 2023 AWIE honouree.

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  • The brand and founder story behind Kind Laundry
  • Challenges with sales cannibalisation on Amazon
  • Using Skio to drive subscription commerce
  • Approach to selecting and using Shopify apps

Angie and her partner Bernard were driven to start ethical brand Kind Laundry to offer customers an alternative to single-use plastic jugs, with a mission to help eliminate 1 billion plastic jugs polluting our planet, every year. Their products are sustainable, contain no harmful chemicals and are much easier to use.

As part of our series celebrating the achievements of leading women in ecommerce, we sat down with co-founder Angie Tran to discuss how they’re using Shopify to grow online sales and deliver an excellent customer experience.

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Discussion notes

  1. Congratulations on being named a 2023 AWIE honouree. What attracted you to the AWIE community and what does being a part of it mean for you personally?
  2. Let’s start with your personal journey to launching the Kind Laundry ecommerce business – what made this product and brand stick and motivate you to continue?
  3. Can you explain what’s unique about this product and your values as an ethical business?
  4. There are lots of ecommerce platforms out there for small businesses: what drew you to Shopify?
  5. You’re planning on moving from Shopify 1 to 2.0 > how is this going to benefit the business?
  6. You also sell on Amazon but initially chose not to: why did their Climate Pledge change your view on this and do you think they’ve made positive change?
  7. Are you seeing much cannibalisation of sales and if so, what will your strategy be on Amazon to protect your brand?
  8. How do you manage your data feeds, do you use a Shopify app or are you using something else?
  9. Subscriptions and growth: you’ve had some issues and are moving to Skio, what made you review options and why Skio?
  10. You’ve also selected GoF Pro to handle influencer and customer commissions on referrals: can you talk us through how this works and what impact it has?
  11. You plan to use Tolstoy to do targeted pop-ups to promote founder videos – can you explain how this works and what made you go down this route?
  12. Like many Shopify owners, you rely on a range of 3rd party apps to give you key functionality: what’s your approach to reviewing and selecting an app, as there is so much choice – how much is trial and error vs. network referrals?
  13. What’s your advice for other businesses like you using Shopify: what limitations do they need to workaround, how much can you do without needing a development agency to support?

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