How Can Large Businesses Tackle Replatforming: Planning For Change
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How Can Large Businesses Tackle Replatforming: Planning For Change

Tune in for a talking heads between James & Paul, reviewing why changing ecommerce technology poses so many challenges in larger, complex businesses and how these challenges can be addressed.

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  • The unique challenges for large migration projects
  • Running larger projects
  • Managing risk

A recent LinkedIn post from Rick Watson provoked a really good debate. The subline was deliberately eye-catching: Most Enterprise CEOs Would Rather Gnaw Off Their Arm Than Replatform.

There’s no denying change in a large business is more complex and risky, and the status quo will seem preferable to turbulence. However, resistance to change isn’t always in a business’ best interests, so the C-suite needs reassurance that there are ways to mitigate risk and reduce the turbulence.

In this episode we discuss why large replatforming projects are challenging, what resources are required to plan for and mitigate risk, and practical advice for handling this type of project.

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Key discussion points

    • What are unique challenges & risks for large enterprise organisations?
    • How do you avoid the self-fulfilling prophecy of large orgs only ever looking at Gartner Market Leaders like Salesforce and Adobe?
    • And is this really an issue? Why does it happen?
    • How do you compare a market leading platform with a packed native feature set vs. a platform that’s built around an ecosystem of pre-connected apps e.g. Salesforce vs. Shopify?
    • How do you build a business case for change, how do you persuade the C-Suite that doing this evaluation is worthwhile?
    • Managing risk: what project approaches are sensible?

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