Ecommerce Agency Selection for Replatforming Projects
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Ecommerce Agency Selection for Replatforming Projects

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Ecommerce agency selection

We’ve been involved in many agency selection processes, whether that’s offering advice on how to run the project or making agency recommendations. What these projects have in common is a challenge to find the best-fit agency partner based on culture, capability, experience and affordability.

In this episode we share advice on how to select an agency partner, discussing why you need to take this process seriously, the key capabilities of a good partner and effective decision criteria.

Key Discussion Points

  • 01:00 What are the risks of not taking agency selection seriously?
  • 04:30 What are the pros and cons of doing RFPs (Request For Proposal)?
  • 11:20 What makes a good partner: key capabilities to watch out for
  • 19:50 The importance of delivery planning & QA skills
  • 24:10 The value of an agency’s ecosystem & where you fit in it
  • 27:40 Advice on doing effective due diligence

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