Personalised Product Discovery for Ecommerce Using Klaviyo & Octane AI
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Personalised Product Discovery for Ecommerce Using Klaviyo & Octane AI

In this episode, we interview the founding team at Paase, a highly experienced agency whose focus is on using customer data to drive business growth via CRM automation programs using Klaviyo and Octane AI.

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Quizzes have become popular in ecommerce as businesses seeks new ways to engage customers in product discovery and provider a rich online CX. However, as with every shiny bit of new kit, success is dependent upon the quality of implementation and tailoring the quiz to suit each audience’s pain points and decision process for product selection. Additionally, it’s important that ecommerce teams consider the value and use of the zero party data that is collected, deciding how best to improve CRM campaigns so there’s a genuine value for customers in parting with their data.

In this episode, we sit down with Paase founder and MD Phill Manson and his Commercial Manager, Dave Manson (yes, they’re brothers!) . We explore what makes an ecommerce quiz successful, the benefits of smart data integration between Octane AI and Klaviyo, and examples of online quizzes that provide a good quality customer experience.


  • Using and evolving product quizzes for ecommerce
  • The impact of a quiz vs. standard routes for product discovery
  • Smart ways to use data to drive personalisation

Key discussion points

  • Let’s start with business challenges: what CRM and personalisation challenges do businesses like Curlsmith come to you with, and what impact are they having?
  • You introduced a quiz to capture more data initially: how has the quiz evolved over time as you’ve learnt more about the customer?
  • The quiz is quite long: have you seen this perform better than a shortened version? We know others have talked about the ‘skin in the game’ mentality for longer processes
  • Zero/1st party data is becoming a key landgrab for ecommerce teams given the issues with 3rd party: what % of users submit their data after their inputs? I’ll do this one then handover to you?
  • For those who abandon, do you attempt to recover them and if so how and what impact does this have?
  • What is the impact of sending a user to the quiz vs standard browsing: does it typically perform better?
  • How has the ecom team found using Octane; has it been flexible enough around both the merchandising side and the front-end side? 
  • Octane has the ability to pass submission data into the customer property in Klaviyo – is this something you’re doing? Are you using this data for anything else beyond CRM?
  • Curlsmith has seen a lot of growth through CRM – what other non standard things have you worked on with them to achieve growth?
  • What are the best implementations of Octane or quizzes in general?
  • What would you change for Curlsmith to get more from the quiz?

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