International SEO: Expert Advice for Replatforming
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International SEO: Expert Advice for Replatforming

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In our 44th episode, James and Paul are joined by world-renowned international SEO expert, Aleyda Solis. As a leading SEO consultant, Aleyda provides hands-on advice on doing SEO well for international ecommerce projects, including localisation strategies, hreflang best practices, different approaches to GEO-IP redirects and so much more.

Firstly, Aleyda has stacks of experience working with major brands across the world, helping them with ecommerce projects. Secondly, as the owner of boutique SEO agency Orainti, her focus is on solving real-world problems. Thirdly, she’s a highly respected speaker at leading industry events like SMX, Pubcon, BrightonSEO and Digital Elite Day.

Below are the key discussion points for SEO for replatforming:

  • How does a multi-site / multi-language SEO set-up add complexity to a replatforming project?
  • What common mistakes do people make around international SEO for ecommerce?
  • How can ecommerce teams avoid these issues?
  • What is the best practice when it comes to SEO and GEO IP targeting?
  • Is implementing hreflang properly easy?
  • What does good practice for hreflang look like?
  • What are best practices for doing site launches with search engines like Baidu, Yandex etc?

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