Key Considerations When Switching To A Leading SaaS Platform
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Key Considerations When Switching To A Leading SaaS Platform

In this ecommerce podcast, James Gurd and Paul Rogers share their thoughts of the operational and cultural shift ecommerce teams need to understand when migrating from a legacy platform to a modern market-leading SaaS solution.

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When you change your ecommerce vendor model, such as going from Open Source hosted to a cloud-native multi tenant SaaS, you’re not just swapping out the software; it’s a different way of working and you need to understand the implications so you can plan for them. No platform is perfect, so learning how and when to compromise is key.

In this ecommerce podcast, Paul and James share their experience of the impact migrating to a true SaaS solution has on ecommerce teams, both technically and operationally, exploring the key benefits and some of the challenges that need to be understood.

Tl;dr – what we cover:

  1. How a SaaS model differs from a non-SaaS and how the boundaries are blurring
  2. The key benefits of a SaaS platform & impact on ecommerce teams
  3. Known limitations, common frustrations & what to do about them

Key Discussion Points

  • A definition of what a SaaS platform is and the key platform referred to
  • What makes this type of platform different?
  • Does having a direct relationship with a vendor like BigCommerce add value?
  • Adjusting to a different way of working with agencies
  • Reducing your QA needs and costs
  • Key advantages for ecommerce teams moving to SaaS
  • Common challenges, their impact and how to address them

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