Launching A New Brand + Scaling It To £1m+ In 12 Months
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Launching A New Brand + Scaling It To £1m+ In 12 Months

An insight into which business growth strategies are behind the ecommerce success of Discover how the Founder of a successful web development agency successfully launched his own ecommerce business on Shopify and grew it to more than £1,000,000 in sales revenue within 12 months.

Launching a new brand can be a daunting challenge. There are so many decisions to make and processes to put in place, where do you start and what do you prioritise? In this episode, you’ll learn from a successful founder who has used his industry knowledge to launch a new car mats and accessories brand on Shopify. Find out how he approached the project and what business growth tactics have driven this fast growth.

Fast business growth on Shopify

The advantage of Shopify is the reliability and scalability of the platform, regardless of which version you use. Boasting brands that deliver more than £200m in annual online sales revenue, handling traffic peaks and large transaction volumes without impact performance is one of the main reasons people turn to SaaS platforms like Shopify.

However, no platform is perfect and one of the realities of launching an ecommerce store is working out how to operate within the constraints of a platform. Being able to cut through the noise and make sensible business decisions is a competitive advantage; on this episode you’ll get useful insights that will help you understand what to focus on in the early stages of ecommerce growth.

For our 65th episode, we’re joined by the Founder of, Ash Young. Ash shares how he took the business from an idea to a reality and hit his first year sales target for £1 million in revenue with room to spare.

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Key discussion points

  • Which ecommerce platforms did you consider & why did you select Shopify?
  • What’s the benefit of a SaaS solution for a small business in real terms?
  • Which platform features do you use the most and how?
  • Have you needed development support and if so, what have you used it for?
  • What 3rd party apps have you relied on and how did you select from the vast store?
  • You recently upgraded to Plus – what was the business driver and what features other than Flow have you used?
  • What pain points have you experienced with Shopify – what has been harder than expected?
  • You’re growing fast and planning to go international – how do you plan to approach this?
  • What are the key challenges of growing so fast and what have you learned?

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